Monday, May 12, 2008

The Bakery

Ever wondered what it is like in a bakery?  Well I will tell you, because i just so happen to work in one.  Depending on your job, you get up before the rest of the normal human beings that you roam the earth with.  (Like me it varies it could be anywhere from 1:30 am to 3:00 am.  So that means I have to be to work between 2 and 4 depending on my schedule.) You people with children know that you can't go to sleep until the kids are asleep.  My daughter sometimes has a hard time going to sleep.  So I don't get as much sleep as I like.  Anyway, you would think it would be a nice calm job, Because all you have to do is bake pretty much the something everyday.  Ya I thought so too until I started working there.  There is so much drama at a bakery.  Well, the one I work at anyway.  If you think girls are back stabbing conniving b___, you have no idea how bad guys are.  I have worked with a lot of girls to having previously worked in the dental field.  The girls are bad and cry babies the guys are extreme and aholes.  They tell you things about the other and try to get you on there side, and then are nice if not tolerable to the other guy/person.  Then they get in yelling matches and pull whose ever there into it even if you have no clue what is going on.  They expect you to choose sides at this point and time.  They back stab each other and go behind the others back to the manager and above to the boss/owner.  There is no middle ground you can not just be a pretty picture on the wall.  You can how ever just nod your head and once in awhile say uh huh and oh the sucks.  DRAMAAAAAA.  That is just with the actual bakers.   Good gravy!!  It is not easy work it is very bodily demanding.  You constantly are lifting a good 50 pounds or more.  And running around making sure things don't burn and you have orders to fill and the phone to answer and constant heat.  Oh the heat,  It feels as if you are standing out side in the middle of summer in that stifling can't breath heat. At times you feel as if it might be alleviated some and then a gust of it comes billowing up in your face as you put something in or pull something out of the extremely large oven.  The smells are great but after eating so much of it, ughh,  after a while of bread and pastries and cookies and brownies and cinnamon rolls and bagels  and soda and all that yummy junk all you want is a freakin carrot or a piece of fruit.  Then you are covered in flour and who knows what other bakery products, all you want to do is go home and crash out.  But most of the time you can't because you have errands to run and kids to take care of.  It is tiring.  It is fun too but there is lots of drama and lots of hard work.  
        Stay tuned for up coming real scense of "The Bakery"  hopefully posted every week. 


The Boren Family said...

Hi Mary it is Hillary from school, welcome to the blogging world. I want to add you to my blog but it is private so email me your address and I will email you the invitation.

Jared & Donna said...

Haha!!!! I love you sis. I can't wait to see you in a week.

AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

gees... what drama! guess it keeps your days interesting! lol

Jordan Makai

Jordan Makai
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