Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tabi's Wedding

Real live butterflies.

the cake totally went up her nose.

Cake thief. She took part of the cake piece that
 they cut and put on the plate my silly girl.

Yeah, My little sister got married this past weekend.  It was so beautiful.  Her and her new husband Kole were married in Kanab. (That is where he is from and tab loves it there so that is why they were married there instead of ST. G)  I did all of her flowers and they turned out beautiful it was really fun and hectic to get them all done but they turned out good.  She had really butterflies in glass jars for part of her center pieces and a candy buffet  which was awesome.  the kids and the adults loved it besides all of the really yummy food.  I decorated their vehicle but silly me forgot to take pictures of it. But thankfully the photographer did.  It was very nicely done, not all that peanut-butter stuff and nasty other things that people trash the cars with (i swear people are dumb not thinking about if they are going to ruin the car or not with the junk that they put on)   It was a long short weekend put well worth it.  I ended up having to go through Zions and pay $25 just to get to the wedding because I listened to my sister Lucy and we followed the directions from her GPS instead of gong how we were told to go.  Thats what you get for not listening.  It was a pretty drive though.  Anyone who has been through there knows about the tunnels through the mountain, well funny story.  We came to the first one which is way long and the only thing that the sign said was turn on your lights and don't stop in the tunnel.  Ok so I turn on my lights right before entering and as i start going I notice that something is wrong.  Well what could it be?  I turn to my sister the lights aren't working something is wrong with my lights.  She looks at me no your fine there on.  Me: No there not i can't figure it out.  So I start messing with the controls and get frustrated and reach up to my face and what do I find. du dud duh dahhhhh  My sunglasses are on.  What a dork i am My sister just starts laughing.  I laughed it was silly of me. But when we got to the second extremely short tunnel its sign said.  "Remember to remove sunglasses"  Durhhhh.  they should have it on the sign of the first tunnel, the long tunnel so airheads like me can be reminded to take off their sunglasses. 


Tobler's said...

Haha Mary you are so silly! It sounds like you have a nice weekend though. It looks beautiful!

Timand Alisa said...

The wedding looked beautiful! Good job on all the flowers:)

Mangelson's said...

Did you get the picture I emailed to you? the one Jared took of you. You should post that one. I am waiting for pictures from Henry and then I will post them on my blog. You did a great job on the flowers. I love you!!!

Naomi said...

Wish I could've been there! It sounds like it was fun! Don't feel bad about the sunglasses thing though. I've done it too, and so has George's mom. But we did it when it was getting dark, not going into a tunnel. So at least it was still sunny outside for you, even if you WERE in a tunnel!

The Ramsay's said...

Oh meme I'm so glad that you came:) and did my flowers, They turned out amazing!! :) You need to make a trip to St. G again. soon.

Long Family said...

Hey, I went private and I'm not sure who's email I have and who's I don't but I want to make sure you can still get on my blog if you want to. If you can't email me again and I'll make sure to add you!!

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