Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Farmer Fred @ the Bakery

Hello my blog fans.  So a couple of weeks ago my manager (whimpy airhead) hired a kid who actually turned out to be a 24 year old guy, to help with the morning stuff.  His name is actually Bret but before he started working the manager told us that he was an RM farm boy.  In actuallity he has been home for awhile but his family are farmers he said that it is not a big farm though, so hence the name I gave him (which caught on by most everyone) Farmer Fred.  I think it kind of bothered him that I called him that but oh well.  So anyway are Farmer Fred only lasted 1 week.  He said he couldn't handle the early hours because it didn't leave him with any time for a social life, and he worked another job in the afternoons. Still he couldn't handle it.  I would laugh and laugh at him in my head and sometimes out loud because he would say that he wasn't a farm boy but he totally sounded like one example,  We would be doing something and it wouldn't go how he wanted it to go so he would say, "Awwww come on now"  with a very distinct Farmer/cowboy twang if can just imagine for me for just a second.  He also wore the tight farmer/cowboy pants and the work boot/shoes. very funny made me laugh.  He hardly would talk to me and the quiet girl but he had no problem talking to the guys and old lady's.  I think us younger ladies were intimidating (and also cuz of my Farmer Fred comments)  So funny, I still laugh thinking about it.  Oh ya he also had this farmer/cowboy swagger when he would walk.  Knock me over with laughter. Maybe yaall know someone like the bakery Farmer Fred..  Ha Ha Haaaa Let me know.

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Jordan Makai
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We people of the world are exposed to sickness and disease. We go to the Dr. for prescriptions to help remove the infection/germs from our bodies.  It goes round and round.  We will never be rid completely of these nasties. Until the end of time...   As you can probably tell I am sick today.  It sucks!